Focus during both large and ongoing change.

the book helps with big changes

Whether it is a replatforming or other large redesign project, sometimes a lot has to happen quickly on a site. This book helps to set the stage for these large changes so that the bones are right for long term success.
“Simply put, 'product' thinking is the early step to creating lasting value in web work. I couldn't be happier, for David or us, that he wrote this book. Now there's a crisp, cogent primer I can push on clients and colleagues alike that makes (and seals) the case for product thinking—from Day 2 to 200.”
— Jeffrey MacIntyre
“This book fills a very specific, and very important, gap in the practice for technologists, project managers, content strategists, and UX professionals. The way that Hobbs frames the issues speaks volumes towards a more functional way of handling any replatforming or "web refresh" project.”
— Rahel Bailie
“Really enjoyed this - practical and sensible advice throughout from a seasoned pro. Too many web sites are just that, ‘sites' - rather than products or assets under careful management. Similarly far too many (the majority?) fail or at least fall far short of expectations, budgets over run etc. Highly recommended.”
— Alan Pelz-Sharpe
“David has written another key reference work for those facing the daunting task of implementing a CMS at a large organisation. His emphasis here is on how critical it is to see the CMS as part of the big picture, as part of a product, not just a technology project. Experience and brainpower have clearly been hard at work here, framing the best methods to bring business and technology together.”
— Craig McCosker

And also ongoing change

Organizations often concentrate a bit too much on the big changes, when sometimes the real problem is  that on an ongoing basis we make changes in an effective way that hurts the website long term (perhaps requiring another big one-time change and repeating the cycle). The book looks at methods of dealing with change on an ongoing basis.
“This book fills a void left by the rapid growth in the importance of the website in many organizations. What used to be just part of the marketing plan is now a critical platform for both internal and external audiences. Website Product Management provides practical guidance for how to care for and grow that platform smartly. This is a great resource for anyone who is responsible for a website.”
— Mark Marsiglio
“David's book was a timely read for me, having immediate impact on not only how I perceived incoming work requests for our website, but also in how I responded to those requests. This book pushed my way of thinking about our site and how it could and should be managed. Moving forward, I have a better strategy for implementing change correctly and for pushing back when asked to take shortcuts.”
— James Stout
“'Website Product Management: Keeping focused during change' once again demonstrates that Mr. Hobbs is the go-to person for addressing real-world content problems we all encounter with a simple, pragmatic approach. This book covers the important area between the content strategy and content management disciplines in a way that makes sense to both.”— Clinton Forry
“Whether it's the public face of a corporation, and internal knowledge base, or a SaaS product, a website solves problems and helps stakeholders achieve objectives. In a comprehensive but easy-to-read handbook, David Hobbs shows how you can apply product management methods to websites in the face of constantly changing needs and barrages of requests and suggestions.” 
— Roger Cauvin

Website Product Management is actionable

Checklists, tables, and callout boxes

The book is designed to be used, and so highlights key information that can be used on your web presence.

“one action” suggestions

The book discusses many possible approaches, but closes each section with one recommended action.

Further engagement

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Table of contents

Introduction: Focusing your web presence or intranet
Part 1: Product thinking
- Start with the business need
- Think broadly and long term
Part 2: Getting the bones right
- Maximize impact
- Engage for better requirements
Part 3: Ongoing change
- Always phase changes
- Streamline common activities
Closing: How far will you take this?

David Hobbs

David helps better focus websites, and is also the author of Website Migration Handbook.